IFES Fellow 2023 Aluminum Class

Here the list of the 2023 IFES Fellows

Nominated Current Affiliation Citation Statement

Dr. David Larson

CAMECA Instruments

For his seminal contributions in the development of the atom probe tomography technique, including use of focused-ion beams for specimen preparation, expanding APT to wide range of applications from semiconductors to geological materials and for development of modelling approach to better control and interpret aberrations in atom probe tomography reconstructions.

Professor Steven Reddy

Curtin University

For his leadership in the recent development of Atom Probe applications in the geosciences, including the establishment of the Geoscience Atom Probe facility, and for training a new generation of geoscientists with specialist knowledge required for atomic-scale geochemistry and isotopic analysis.

Professor. Julie Cairney

University of Sydney

For her leadership in materials characterization by atom probe to advance the  understanding of microstructure-property relationships in materials and for pioneering work in the use of focused-ion beams for specimen preparation, the development of cryogenic workflows for the analysis of hydrogen in steels.