IFES Fellows


“IFES Fellows” are recognised as eminent scientists in the field of field emission, field ionization, and related phenomena. They are elected by their peers for outstanding research that has pushed the frontiers of knowledge in the field and are eminent by reason of their attainments in the field. This includes, but is not limited to technique development, applications, theory development, distinguished service to the society, etc.


Election as an IFES Fellow will be highly selective but should represent a broad cross-section of the IFES membership. A minimum number of years of IFES membership is required, except in very special circumstances, and no self-nominations will be accepted.


Nomination and Election Details

  1. Eligibility:
    • Minimum of ten years IFES membership, except in very special circumstances.  This must be documented by a list of at least five (and possibly more depending on the year of attendance) IFES or APT&M meetings (need not be consecutive) that candidate has attended.
    • Current members of the IFES steering committee (or Fellowship Committee, see below) are not eligible for nomination (except in the case of the class of “Inaugural Fellows”).
    • No self-nominations will be accepted.
    • Nominations will be kept on-file and considered active for a period of two meetings of the society
  2. Fellows will be elected by the IFES Steering committee in the year prior to the APT&M meeting and certificates designating election to Fellowship will be presented at the first meeting following election.
  3. The number of IFES members elected to Fellowship in any election period is restricted to no more than two (not including the initial “Inaugural Fellows” class), but it is noted that the number of elected individuals may not necessarily be the maximum number eligible.
  4. The first class of IFES Fellows (“Inaugural Fellows”) will consist of up to 25 Fellows.
  5. Nominations will be accepted at any point up to September 1 in the year before the APT&M conference.
  6. Any individual may nominate only one person for Fellow per each submission deadline.
  7. Online nomination package and may be accessed through the website ( and includes the following:
    • Letters of nomination from a sponsor (who must be a current IFES member).
    • Nomination statement describing the nominee's achievements or contributions – limited to a maximum of ~750 words.
    • Up to two additional supporting letters (do not have to be from current IFES members)
    • Short curriculum vitae of the nominee (two pages only)
    • Suggested citation statement – limited to a maximum of ~30 words.
    • Confirmation that the prospective fellow has been informed of the nomination and is willing to take up the fellowship if elected.
  8. Nominations will be screened and recommendations for Fellowship candidacy will be made by the Fellowship Committee, which is led by the Fellowship Chair (a member of the Steering Committee who is appointed by the Steering Committee for the duration of his/her time on the Steering Committee) and also consists of two other individuals appointed (for a period of three APT&M meetings) by the Steering Committee.  Recommendations from the Fellowship Committee will be ratified by the Steering Committee to produce the appointed Fellows prior to November 30 in the year before the APT&M conference.