IFES Fellow 2016 Helium Class


Here the list of the 2016 IFES Fellows

Nominated Current Affiliation Citation statement

George Smith

Oxford University For more than 45 years of contributions and commitment to the field of atom probe field ion microscopy.

Richard Forbes

University Surrey For his many contributions to the growth of the theory and understanding of field electron and ion emission as well as his contributions to the society.

Michael Miller

  For seminal contributions in the development and application of atom probe tomography as demonstrated by his 600+ publications, service to the community, and impactful collaborations with numerous international scientists and engineers in their development and use of atom probe tomography.

Thomas Kelly

Cameca Inc. For revolutionizing atom probe technology with the invention of the LEAP, and for service to the IFES community as President of the society.

David Seidman

Northwestern University Having advised more than 120 individuals with 450+ publications, David Seidman's materials research based on APT and technique developments has laid a solid groundwork for atom probe groups worldwide.

Alfred Cerezo

Oxford University For development of the position sensitive atom probe, which opened new dimensions and perspectives in both material science and instrumentation.

Guido Schmitz

University Stuttgart For his contribution to understanding diffusion and other atomic scale metallurgical processes studied using atom probe tomography.

Hans-Olof Andrén

Chalmers University For  development of atom probe techniques, and for his use of atom probe instruments as materials science tools to study the detailed microstructure of primarily metallic materials.

Tien Tzou Tsong


Academia Sinica For observation of the interaction between adsorbed on metal surfaces and for seminal research involving the use of a laser to promote thermal field evaporation.

Krystyna Stiller

Chalmers University For fruitful use and development of atom probe techniques contributing to understanding of radiation damage, phase transformations, interfacial segregation and high temperature oxidation, and for promoting atom probe techniques.

Hans Juergen Kreuzer

Dalhousie University Published more than 325 papers, 8 books, and 6 patents in the area of physics and chemistry of high electric fields.

Marwan Mousa

Mu'tah University For outstanding contributions to field emission science and for service to the society including organization of the 45th IFES.

Norbert Kruse

Washington State University

For sustained contributions towards understanding chemical physics at materials surfaces and outstanding service to the high field nanoscience and atom probe communities.

Georgiy Fursey

Saint-Petersburg St. University of Telecomm. For wide-ranging, outstanding contributions to field electron emission science and technology, particularly explosive emission and emission from semiconductors.

Gary Kellogg

  For fundamental technical contributions to laser-pulsed atom probe instrumentation and numerous aspects of surface and materials science, and for extraordinary service to the nanoscience community.

Simon Ringer

University Sydney For outstanding research in atom probe science, sustained IFES community service, including as Vice President and conference organiser and his role in training a new generation of field emission scientists.

Lyn Swanson

FEI For outstanding scientific contributions to characterisation and development of field electron/ion emitters, and technical and managerial leadership of FEI Company in commercially developing these emitters and related instruments.

Kazuhiro Hono

Nat'l Inst. Of Materials Science, Tsukuba For key contributions to the growth of atom probe, developments in instrumentation, and broad utilization of the technique to impact the study of magnetic materials and precipitation hardening.

Robert Gomer

University Chicago For outstanding contributions to science, especially areas of field electron and ion emission and their application to problems in surface chemistry, and for public service.

Paul Cutler

Penn State University For working on theory of field electron and ion emission over more than 50 years, developing quantum mechanical models to explain and predict the behavior of field electron emitters.

Didier Blavette

University Rouen For unique contributions to atom probe field ion microscopy spanning the fundamental physics of the technique, instrumentation, and cutting-edge materials characterization.

Allan Melmed

  Allan Melmed is one of the most distinguished scientists of the IFES community, with a lifetime experience in field emission since his PhD thesis with the late EW Müller.

John Panitz

University New Mexico As one of the inventors of the atom probe technique, John Panitz’ contributions and vision for the technique enabled its large acceptance in the international realm of materials characterization.

Osamu Nishikawa

Kanazawa Inst. of Tech. For outstanding contributions to atom probe becoming a mainstream scientific instrument in hundreds of laboratories around the world.