E.W. Müller Outstanding Young Scientist Medal

This award is the most recognized price given by the IFES community. It rewards a young scientist for a recent and original work in the field of field emission, field ionization, and related phenomena. This includes, but is not limited to technique development, applications or theory development. This price is highly competitive and the winner is selected during the APT&M conference, after a 2 stages selection mechanism.


Candidates to the E.W. Müller Young Scientist Medal must follow these criteria:


  1. Short CV of the candidate (1page with a High Resolution photo)
  2. Support letter from the Phd Supervisor of the candidate. The supervisor should fairly certify that the student was the principal investigator of the presented work (1 page)
  3. Abstract of the presentation/paper, with 5 keywords (1 page)
  4. 6 pages scientific report of the presentation ( <4000 words without figures and references. Note this paper may contain already published recent materials. No public publishing of this paper will be done by the field emission society)
  1. Scientific quality of the candidate
  2. Novelty and relevance to the field of the IFES community
  3. Scientific quality of the paper
  4. Quality of the writing of the paper
  1. Novelty and relevance of the work to the field of the IFES community
  2. Scientific quality of the presentation/paper
  3. Quality of the writing of the paper
  4. Quality of the oral presentation ( note that the candidate must respect of the timing of the presentation

The winner will be chosen by a scientific chair composed of members of the steering comittee having no conflict of interest and additional external recognized specialists. 

Note that the submission of the package to the IFES webpage was extended to the 31th January . (Please log in to submit / Section Muller Award-> Muller Award Form )

Note that the candidates must also submit the abstract of the presentation to the APT&M website before the 31th of January. The selection of the finalists will be done the following weeks. Candidates that will not be preselected for the finale will be proposed for a presentation in the regular sessions of the meeting and will be informed rapidly of the decision.

For any questions, email