IFES Image Contest

IFES will be holding an image contest in conjunction with APT&M 2018. The contest is open to all APT&M 2018 participants. The submitted image must be free of copyrights and by entering the contest, the participant agrees to let the IFES freely use the image for non-commercial purposes.

- Only one submission per participant is permitted.

- Entries will be evaluated according to overall aesthetics and scientific impact.

- Text/labeling to support the scientific aspect should be brief & embedded below the image (max equivalent of  two sentences).

- Applicants are welcome to submit different visualization formats (e.g. VR, movies, 3D print-outs etc.), but are responsible for the set-up & display of entries that are not in the form of 2D images submitted on the website.  If an alternative format is submitted, a standard 2D image must also be submitted on the website as an official entry and the Steering Committee should be notified separately that there will be an alternative format.

The judging panel will be composed of members of the IFES International Steering Committee. The top two images will be selected and the winning images will be announced at the APT&M 2018 Awards Banquet. 



Image Submission Deadline: June 8, 2018

Image Submission Instructions: